Special Needs Planning

Families with Special Needs Children or Adults 

When a family member cannot manage finances or daily care, there may be a need to plan for that person's well-being. For many families, a special needs trust can provide the answer. For parents and siblings of special needs children, it can bring peace of mind to know that there is a structure in place to help provide for the future needs of your loved ones.  

You should consult with an attorney to find out how a Special Needs Trust works. We can help you decide how to fund a special needs trust. 

Funding a Special Needs Trust with Life Insurance

Life insurance can play an invaluable role when planning for your loved ones as the death benefit can be used to provide the required resources to preserve or enhance the quality of life of your child or family member.   

When clients work with us, we collaborate with their special needs attorney, social worker and community organizations for the benefit of providing wide-ranging services to them as they face many personal and financial challenges.

We strive to position ourselves as a resource, a place where clients can talk, alleviate their concerns, discuss aspirations and goals for their loved ones and in doing so, ensuring that the right steps are taken to provide the necessary future funds for their disabled family member.